10 Morning Rituals That Successful People Swear By

10 Morning Rituals That Successful People Swear By
Lady Iron Chef

Morning Ritual

It has been proven that successful leaders are usually awake at the crack of dawn to get their days started while the rest of us are still battling with the snooze button.

These individuals usually possess more rigour in their daily lives by following through a ritual (or rituals) in the morning that would aid them in accomplishing their daily goals. It may be tiring to get up bright and early every day, but the payoff is often huge.

Here, we reveal 10 Morning Rituals That Successful People Swear By.

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It’s no fun fumbling through your wardrobe or changing out a couple of times just to get an outfit right when you are all groggy and sleepy. Having “nothing to wear” can be a real pain especially when you are already running late.

The tip is to plan your outfit the night before. You won’t believe how much time and mental power that can save.

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Waking up a mere 10 minutes earlier can do wonders, even if it is fixing yourself a simple breakfast or making sure you have packed your bag for the day.

That way, you minimise the chances of forgetting your wallet and staff pass, and having to head back home for it.


Drink lemon water every morning. It can help kick start your digestive system for the day and make you feel more refreshed; it even helps in weight loss!

For an easier way, fill a bottle of water and throw in some lemon slices, then drink it along the way. There are numerous benefits to drinking lemon water, and here’s why you should start drinking lemon water every morning.

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Whether it is a track of upbeat music, a short morning jog or even a slice of chocolate cake, a good shot of endorphin never fails to make you feel more empowered to start your day right.

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Setting daily goals is crucial to keep your day in check. Keeping to-do lists is a simple way to ensure you are organised and on track.

The sense of accomplishment from checking them off is more uplifting than you’d ever imagine.

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We are often too consumed by the morning rush to stop and look around us. Why not use the morning to observe your loved ones while they are on the move, or even your surroundings as you are on the go?

It is a simple way to keep count of your blessings and feel contented with what you already have. A positive mind and a peaceful heart will do wonders.


While in your slumber, life still goes on and there are things you might have missed out on.

Reading the papers is a great way to keep up with the world and can even act as a conversation starter with your colleagues, family members and friends!

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Breakfast is essential so that your body can fuel the energy and turn it into working power.

Even if you are in a rush, a simple breakfast of fruits or cereal is sufficient. You will find yourself feeling more awake and prepared to start the day right after breakfast.

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It is inevitable to feel sluggish, unmotivated, overwhelmed and everything negative.

But work is never-ending, and there will always be things to do, learn and fix. Take on one task at a time and live in those moments.



As Steve Jobs once said in his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

Not to make it sound morbid, but sometimes, remembering that we are not going to live forever makes us want to do and cherish the things that matter to us most. So, make the best of your days and never settle.

It may be tiring to make the first move to get up, but the payoff is often huge.

10 Morning Rituals That Successful People Swear By
Source: Lady Iron Chef

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