20 Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls

20 Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls
For years, the motto for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls has been, “flaky on the outside, soft on the inside.” This very appealing attribute of crescent rolls has become the basis for many recipes, from cinnamon rolls to casseroles. Sweet and savory dishes incorporate the flaky, buttery bread that people everywhere can enjoy. Check out these 20 easy recipes using crescent rolls that cover all the bases — appetizers, entrees, and dessert. With half of the work done for you and that delicious buttery taste we all know and love, these easy crescent roll recipes are sure to make you excited for that oven buzzer to go off. Make any meal a little bit easier with help from your favorite crescent roll or pastry dough. Casseroles and pastries have never been easier or more versatile with these delightful crescent roll recipes.

20 Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls
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