3B Drip & Dutch Coffee @ Sungai Buloh
Becky Wong

How far would you travel for a good cup of coffee?

We have recently visited a secluded coffee bar at Sungai Buloh to try out their hand drip and dutch coffee – 3B Drip & Dutch Coffee.

Own by Will Jung, the coffee bar serves both hand drip and dutch coffee along with a selection of Korean delicacies.

First thing first, let’s warm ourselves up with a bowl of piping hot Samyetang (RM 45). The aroma of ginseng wafted towards us when the dish was served, and we can’t wait to take a sip of the soup. In comparison to many Korean ginseng chicken soups, 3B’s version is more subtle but the flavours build up nicely with every spoonful.

Ramen in Golden Pot (RM 14.90). Comfort food can be as simple as this pot of Shin Ramyun with egg.

If you are a fan of Korean drama, you’d notice the “constant appearance” of lunch boxes. So, we can’t help but to order the Dosirak (RM 16.90) when we spotted it on the menu. The proper way to enjoy the dish is to give the box a nice shake, so that all the elements in the box would be well-mixed. Personally, I find it too messy, and prefer to have it as it is.

It’s generally a pretty decent dish, but the meat was a tad lack of flavours.

Everything (RM 88). As the name suggested, they have EVERYTHING on the platter! From smoked duck, onions, egg roll, kimchi and salad… you can eat till you drop!

This is one dish that is PERFECT to be shared. The smoked duck was flavourful but I would prefer it to be less tough.

Gimbap (RM 15.90). Gimbap is supposedly looking like sushi maki, but due to the shortage at their kitchen, they had no choice but to serve it in the form of rice balls. I was quite skeptic over the rice balls as they look very….. simple, but I was surprised by the flavours in it. My personal favourite would be the ones coated with seaweed – just can’t get enough of the umami flavours!

Our Ice Cube Latte (RM 15.50) comes with a very cute teddy bear ice cube made from coffee! You can “customize” your glass of ice latte by deciding the ratio of milk, espresso and sugar syrup.

Dutch Americano/Dutch Latte (RM 11.90). The americano has full-bodied while wasn’t too acidit, and the latte has a nice ratio of espresso and milk. Perfecto! The best of all, the bottles are so convenient and you can even have your coffee on the go. Now, who says you have to sacrifice good coffee if you are in a rush or on the road?

Last but not least, some desserts to complete our meal! All the desserts at 3B are specially made by Xiao by Crustz for the coffee bar. If you are familiar with the work of Xiao by Crustz, you’d know they have always produce quality desserts that are full of surprises. The same goes to the desserts at 3B.

From left to right:

3B Premium Dark Tart. Coffee and chocolate lovers, this tart is definitely for you. The sweet chocolate tart goes perfectly well with their premium black coffee, which served in a small spray bottle for you to spray it all over the tart. The bitterness of the coffee nicely cut through the sweetness as well as richness of the chocolate tart. I’m a fan of this as well, despite me being a non-chocolate lover. A definitely must try at 3B!

Ttalgi Berry (RM 12). I was super-duper sorry that it would be very sweet, due to generous amount of whipped cream sitting on top. At first bite, it indeed tasted very sweet. However, the sweetness was soon balanced out by the tangy berry sauce/jam in it. Another satisfying dessert!

Basted Cheese (RM 15). I LOVE cheese and this dessert was the one that I look forward the most. Turn out, it was absolutely lovely. A layer of rich cheese sitting on top of crumbly crust balanced out by the acidic apricot jam. This is one dessert that has both texture and flavours!

If you are looking for unique coffee bar that serves good coffee and mouth-watering food, 3B Drip & Dutch would be an excellent choice. Though I’ve only been there once, I’m already a fan of the cosy environment of the coffee bar. The quiet coffee bar is a nice place for both hang out and catch up with friends as well as spending quality “me time”.

On the other hand, the coffee bar didn’t have any Wifi during my last visit. So, it might not be an ideal place to work (if you required internet connection). I hope they would soon have Wifi connection at the coffee bar.

Address: 21-G & 1, LGSB 1/4, Pusat Komercial LGSB, Off Jalan Hospital, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Operation Hours: 11am to 9pm (Monday to Thursday); 11am to 12am (Friday to Sunday)
Contact: +6011 1434 6778

For more information and updates on 3B Drip & Dutch Coffee, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

3B Drip & Dutch Coffee @ Sungai Buloh
Source: Becky Wong

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