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4-Minute Chicken Taco Rice Bowls

4-Minute Chicken Taco Rice Bowls
“These 4-Ingredient, 4-Minute Chicken Taco Rice Bowls make preparing a nutritious and delicious lunch or dinner a breeze at home, at your office, or on the run. Many of us have high aspirations for cooking dinner at home every night, for incorporating healthy ingredients in the menu, and for sitting down at the table as a family every night. Those are wonderful goals, but sometimes life gets in the way! Our schedules are jam-packed with commitments, our kids might not want to eat that veggie dish we prepared, or we may just run out of time and energy to think about a meal plan and do the shopping. Ive been there and so has just about every other busy mom. Thats why its so great to share ideas with other parents and to find quick-assembly recipes that make a healthy mealtime SIMPLE to achieve!”

4-Minute Chicken Taco Rice Bowls
Source: Recipelion

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