8 Best Surfing Spots In Southeast Asia

8 Best Surfing Spots In Southeast Asia
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Surfing Spots Southeast Asia

Most travellers have a misconception that Southeast Asia is not a destination for surfing, but they are absolutely wrong.

While our waters might not be of Surfers Paradise’s standards, we are actually still blessed with many beautiful beaches that are ideal for surfing and other water sports. Good news is that these scenic destinations are not too far away from Singapore either.

From Nha Trang’s Bai Dai Beach to Lombok Island’s Desert Point, here is our guide to 8 Best Surfing Spots in Southeast Asia. These listed places are inexpensive and boast great waves.

Bai DaiSource: Vietnam Visa


For those not in the know, Vietnamese coastal city Nha Trang’s premium beach resort Bai Dai Beach is the ultimate place to be and to be seen. There are several instructors ready to teach you how to conquer the waves from $25 per hour.

Otherwise, seasoned surfers can simply rent a board at just $10 an hour. Who says surfing is only reserved for the wealthy?


Lombok Island’s Desert Point is a dream come true for all adrenaline junkies. While the surfing spot is far from world famous, it remains a favourite haunt amongst avid surfers.

Getting there might be quite troublesome as a boat might be needed to arrive wave’s point.

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sumbaSource: Telegraph


Serious surfers listen up! If you are extremely passionate about surfing and enjoy conquering intermediate waves, then God’s Left at Suma Island is the perfect place for you.

As waves actually reel over 300 metres, only a maximum of nine surfers is allowed at any one time.


Embarking on a surfing expedition in a group and everyone’s abilities range from beginner to professional? Fret not. In this case, we highly recommend Phuket’s Kata Beach as the diverse types of swells make it suitable for everybody.

The beach is also an enticing sunbathing spot!

koh lantaSource: Home Is Where Your Bag Is


Khlong Dao Beach at Koh Lanta is best visited during May to October, where a wide selection of water sports is available to those who are willing to take up the challenge.

The waves are however leaning towards the gentler side, so it might not be the preferred destination for those who live for thrill.

Kuta Beach


Besides the vibrant nightlife, Kuta Beach is actually equally renowned for its surfing scene. A few surf schools line up the beach, so both newbies and rookies alike can be rest assured that they are in good hands.

No worries if you decide halfway that surfing isn’t for you. There are many exciting dusk-till-dawn parties awaiting you.

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Intermediate surfers who have been surfing for a relatively long period of time should take on Da Nang’s Nam O Point. The imminent danger of being swept away has clearly not deterred confident athletes to come forth to conquer the ripples.Beginners should however definitely stay away from these waters.

Beginners should however definitely stay away from these waters.


Located in Okinawa, Japan, the family-friendly White Beach is a popular hotspot amongst local Japanese and adventurous tourists alike. It is very packed during the weekends, where beachgoers are seen flocking to the gorgeous shores.

The waves are suitable for beginners, so go on and give it a shot!

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8 Best Surfing Spots In Southeast Asia
Source: Lady Iron Chef

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