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8 Fun Activities To Do In Singapore With Dogs

8 Fun Activities To Do In Singapore With Dogs
Lady Iron Chef

Golden Retrievers

Photo Credit: Cuteness Overflow

Dogs can never keep still as it is in their nature to keep themselves active when they get bored. Dog owners will know that it is important to engage with them and bring them out for walks frequently. Going out together with your pet strengthens your emotional bond and provides the necessary exercise to keep your dog healthy.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how you can have more fun with your dog on top of the usual routine of going to the neighbouring park, we got you covered with these 8 Fun Activities To Do In Singapore With Dogs.

Conrad Centennial


Oh yes, there are quite a few pet friendly hotels in Singapore. Hilton Singapore, Conrad Centennial Singapore and Regent Singapore are some of the most well known hotels that cater to pets. Not only will Fido have a jolly good time munching up dog food and lying on plush cushions, you too can get your well deserved rest!

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The Wagington

Photo Credit: Vanillapup


It’s no secret that dogs love swimming! Your dog can take a dip in the few dog swimming pools that can be found in Singapore. From outdoor pools such as Sunny Heights and The Wagington to indoor pools at Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre and Pet Stop, you will be able to find one that suits your dog most. You get to take many pictures of your dog splashing around happily in the pool.

Happenstance burger


Bring your dog along the next time you go out cafe hopping. There has been an increase in the number of pet friendly cafes sprouting out all over Singapore in recent years. While your furkid is exploring the place with excitement, you can chill with the other dog owners. Lounging at a cafe sipping on Cappuccino with your furry little one beside you is our idea of how a perfect Sunday morning ought to be.

Pet Expo

Photo Credit: The Straits Times


Surf through the internet and you will be able to find a good number of pet events that are held in Singapore. You have the PetExpo in March, Pets Picnic Party in June, SOSD’s Annual Charity Dinner in August and so much more. Sunday on the Hill is a monthly party hosted by Sideshow where there will be music, food and kids activities – all humans and pets are welcome!

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Tanjong Pagar Beach Club Restaurant


Sentosa is the best place for your dog to run and swim freely at an open space with almost no constraints. All you need is a mat and you can have a picnic there complete with both human and dog treats. Besides, some Vitamin C from the glorious sun rays is good for health! Just remember to put on your sunblock to avoid a nasty burn. Tanjong Beach Club at Sentosa is dog-friendly during daytime and provides a water bowl too!

Marina Barrage


The view at Marina Barrage sure beats the one at your neighbourhood. Besides having a picnic, there are other activities like kite flying and taking beautiful pictures together with the Marina Bay Sands as your backdrop. Running is a good form of exercise that trains both your physical and mental well-being.

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Healing Paws

Photo Credit: The Straits Times


Your dog can serve the community too. At Healing Paws, animals are trained to provide comfort and warmth to those in need such as those residing in old folks home, children’s homes. Interaction with animals provide a relief from anxiety, fear and loneliness which reduces stress and blood pressure.


Charter a catamaran out to with your furry one and invite all your fellow dog owners and their pet! For S$300, Pet Cruise is offering a two hour boat ride to either Coney or Seletar Island where the boat will be anchored. Hop down to explore the islands or jump into the sea for a swim to cool off from the heat before heading back. There will be complimentary mineral water bottles, soft drinks and dog bowls provided onboard.

8 Fun Activities To Do In Singapore With Dogs
Source: Lady Iron Chef

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