9 Easy Eggplant Recipes
Most of the eggplant recipes you’ll find below are casseroles or versions of casseroles (i.e. lasagna), and we’re not mad about it. Eggplant lends itself very well to casseroles if you’re not a fan of eating it raw. There are, however, a couple of stand out eggplant recipes among the bunch. Make sure to check out the Grilled Eggplant with Ricotta and Balsamic Drizzle and the Ginger Eggplant below. These dishes will open your eyes to just a few of the ways you can use eggplant that doesn’t include making it part of a casserole (although we’re admittedly casserole-biased around here). These recipes will give you a way to eat your vegetables that you’ll actually enjoy, which is great for the whole family!

9 Easy Eggplant Recipes
Source: Recipelion

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