About us

EATLAH.COM The 1st Asia leading base food social networking portal connecting food lovers around the world to share and monetized food base topics, food photos, food video, recipes, add new friends around the world and if you’re lucky, ask him or her out for lunch or dinner. EATLAH.COM also provide FREE basic services to restaurants owners, restaurants managers to add food and beverage industry job vacancy, and submit your restaurants and food directory absolutely for FREE.

Our portal is a non profitable company seeking for seed funding & support from food lovers all over the world to be base on sharing our food network globally, sharing our heart globally for future food supply development to poor families on earth is our final goal. We seek advertiser, restaurants owners to advertise with us and support our journey in getting in more network for our social media channel and grow our dream to the entire globe. We love to shine the earth with the color of ‘pink’.

Advertising platform for food business in getting your brand known via our social network platform, here you go! The perfect platform to advertise your food business in a food network.

EATLAH.COM is super full with food, fun and young energetic social networking brand in Asia and inserted into our working culture with our tagline “Where and what you #EATLAH?”. If you step into a #EATLAH you can immediately feel the energy of young dreamers, becoming self entrepreneur, wide mind planner and blue-sky thinkers all working towards changing how people think about food, helping the community in giving back food information sharing, food dining vouchers to the less fortunate circle out there. This is part of our world in #EATLAH. As we are the only leading brand in Asia, with the brand name #EATLAH we focus more to our food community in sharing food information from one to another country, places all over the world.
In #EATLAH, it’s the people that makes our company and team full.
Not to forget, we are not representing any other EATLAH brands out there etc; eatlahgroup in Hong Kong, eatlah food kiosk and dining food outlet in Jakarta, eatlah.net for food ordering apps, eatlah blog for food blogger, and other non-related to our social networking portal goal in www.eatlah.com 
#EATLAH supports the growth of every employees, enabling them to become better versions of themselves. Each one is given ownership of tasks and a responsibility in helping to build food and dining into international brand, #EATLAH
We are a company of talented individuals galvanized by shared goals and a vision to make #EATLAH the Biggest Food Social Network Community in Asia countries and becoming the leading food community in food forum and food networking in South East Asia countries.
Our vision of long term are also included to open worldwide 6 hours operation for breakfast restaurants with our brand #EATLAH.COM go global, filming production for food & travel for poor peoples out there telling the world that we are not alone, food books publishing in writing up and compile our journey of our dream, discover the places in the world where no one can imagine the eating lifestyle and helping the community supply food to household in needs all over the world.
We looking forward to launch our first breakfast EATLAH restaurant outlet soon.
Here, we also looking forward to investor(s) step in and bring out this brand globally from virtual to a physical outlets.
with love and heart to the food population on earth.