Authentic Ramen at Menya Shi Shi Do JayaOne

Spending quality time with family at Jaya One last weekend. Came across this eatery that’s full of patrons during lunch hour. So we had to stop by and give it a try.

Menya Shi Shi Do

72, Jalan University

Jaya One shopping center

Petaling Jaya

Facebook page

We didn’t regret our choices. Having recently visited Japan, we have fairly high expectations for ramen. Price wise, it’s fairly affordable.

Ordered this classic ramen cooked in pork broth. Noodles here are thin yet springy. The pork slice is thicker than the ones in Japan. Accompanied with the usual spring onions and soy sauce braised egg, it provides a balanced flavor that’s very much a comfort food. Love how thick and flavorsome the broth is.

This bowl of rice is full of punch! Although the rice particles are less well defined comparing to the ones we found in Japan, it’s satisfying nevertheless. The thin pork slices is a mixture of lean and slightly fatty meat cooked in caramel sauce. The raw spring onions provide a refreshing contrast to the meat.

Overall a very satisfying meal. No wonder it’s so popular. Will definitely be back again. Verdict 8.5/10!

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