Authentic Thai food featuring A Lemongrass (LG) Thai Restaurant Kuantan

It’s not easy to find genuine Thai food without adapting to the Malaysian food culture. One is immediately transported to Thailand stepping into LG. All the restaurant staff are imported from Thailand albeit fluent in Malay. After more than 10 years in the food industry, they hold onto their authenticity.

Lemongrass (LG) Thai Restaurant

B346& 348 , Jalan Beserah


Opens Monday to Friday 5pm to 1am

Saturday and Sunday 4pm to 12am

Tel +60 9-568 6354

Facebook page

Originally a bar, now LG has transformed into a family friendly restaurant with indoor non smoking dining area. The neighboring Chill and Grill also belongs to the same restaurant, serving as the outdoor area which permits smoking and beer drinking. I particularly love their artistic wooden table at the outdoor section.

The current chef had experience cooking in a hotel back in Thailand. So we were expecting some pretty plating.

Entree- fried chicken wings

Our intention was to introduce their famous pandan chicken unfortunately they were unable to source for screwpine leaves big enough to make the dish that night. But these chicken wings are equally appetizing.

Fried at low to moderate heat, the whole wing was cripsy without a distinct fat layer. Dip this in sweet Thai chilli sauce for an enhanced flavor. Great for sharing over a pint or two.

Thai seafood salad (Yum Talay)

It’s an art of its own. Beautifully carved tomato with deveined prawns perfectly cooked and curved like blooming flowers.

Combined with blanched squid pieces, julienned carrot, chopped parsley, lemongrass. Refreshing with a hint of fish sauce.

Thai fish lettuce wrap (Miang Pla Too)

A very unique dish. Barramundi fillet coated with flour and deep fried until golden. Wrap a small piece of fish in the lettuce, adding roasted peanuts, lime pieces, onion, lemongrass, ginger and dried shrimp.

Drizzle this with sweet tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce based gravy to complete this one bite wonder. All the ingredients just went so well together to create this special flavor.

Thai fried rice with shrimp paste (Khao Kluk Gapi)

I love how the shrimp paste made the fried rice tasted so close to the traditional Chinese glutinous rice.

Mix this with shreds of fried omelette, stir fry pork pieces, mango slices, red onions, raw long beans, fiery bird’s eye chillies and dried shrimps. Again, such extraordinary dish that we would definitely have over and over again.

Thai pineapple fried rice (Khao Pad Sapparot)

This popular Thai dish is great for children because it’s sweet and not spicy. Pieces of fresh pineapple, hotdog slices, cashew nuts and mixed vegetables were stir fried with cooked rice. Then presented in the original pineapple shell. All time comfort food. If you would like a touch of spiciness, feel free to add some bird’s eye chillies.

Chicken green curry (Gang Kiew Wan Gai)

The green curry here is on the more watery side. One would never go wrong if chicken slices are added. Chunks of brinjal and cucumber complemented the curry so well. A splash of coconut milk is a must for green curry.

Not only does green curry go well with rice, it also matches glass noodles very well.

Clear Tom Yum with seafood

Without the usual red broth, this clear Tom Yum looked deceivingly benign. One sip to reveal the same amount of spiciness and sourness. Combining chicken slices, fresh prawns, squid and chicken pieces, it’s very appetizing indeed. Good to warm the stomach.

Have all these wonderful Thai dishes with freshly pressed juice- we ordered orange and pineapple.

Verdict- 8/10! All the cravings for Thai food satisfied! Authenticity is guaranteed. Ingredients are fresh and price average. What more to ask for?

Watch this short video about our dining experience at A Lemongrass Restaurant.

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