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EATLAH.COM is super full with food, fun and young energetic social networking brand in Asia and inserted into our working culture with our tagline “Where and what you #EATLAH?”. If you step into a #EATLAH team you can immediately feel the energy of young dreamers, becoming self entrepreneur, wide mind planner and blue-sky thinkers all working towards changing how people think about food, helping the community in giving back food information sharing, food dining vouchers to the less fortunate circle out there. This is part of our world in #EATLAH. As we are the only leading brand in Asia, with the name #EATLAH we focus more to our food community in sharing food information from one to another country, places all over the world.
In #EATLAH, it’s the people that makes our company and team full. We hire people who are smart and creative, food lovers, passion in eating all sorts of food from hawkers to restaurants, and from hotels to resorts dining. We are an open and flat organization where everyone’s opinion does matter not just in our team, but public contributors in each and everyone’s’ food profile.
We are a mix of experts in film producing, logistics, data analytics, eCommerce marketing, journalism and broadcasting, social network experts, international business producer, business planner, web programming and designing, talents, creativity, food experts, housewife with great food knowledge and guided by food and beverages business consultants and tech geniuses.
We come from all walks of life in Asia, no matter with or without working experience, we care to our new joiners, we guide from zero to food filled bloomers, and representing the diversity of creativity ideas that sit within the food social network circle and #EATLAH team.
We are collaborative as a group and we recognize that it is through our shared expertise that we get to #EATLAH into becoming an leading social networking platform in Asia for food and dining in all restaurants, hawkers, food places and also a role for eCommerce producer for individual(s) to explore food business through eCommerce platform as vendor. Our projects are always team-driven – encouraging everyone to contribute through open conversations in our food forum, and self food profile and imaginative brainstorming sessions, in the end everyone contributes to the success of #EATLAH. Not to forget, we are not representing any other EATLAH brands out there etc; eatlahgroup in Hong Kong, eatlah food kiosk and dining food outlet in Jakarta, for food ordering apps, eatlah blog for food blogger, and other non-related to our social networking portal goal in 
#EATLAH supports the growth of every employees, enabling them to become better versions of themselves. Each one is given ownership of tasks and a responsibility in helping build a food and dining brands.
We are a company of talented individuals galvanized by shared goals and a vision to make #EATLAH the Biggest Food Social Network Community in Malaysia, and becoming the leading food community in food forum and food networking South East Asia countries.

Join us

#EATLAH is looking for a talented, enthusiastic and bright reporter to deliver regular insightful and interesting news and comment across the vibrant food and beverage, social media and journalism world.

Writing online on the leading food social network in Malaysia and most interesting food profile (and its website) this role will encompass a range of different responsibilities, including:

  • Landing pages exclusive food content (web) on a regular basis
  • Writing in depth analysis, blogs, features reports and profiles across a range of food topics i.e. healthy food for body and consumer dining trends, dining pricing, marketing and developing an idea into our business, and business strategy.
  • Enhancing our digital brand by creating engaging and innovative multimedia content to end users, the food lovers in each of their food profile, and forum.
  • Sales and online marketing strategy from branding, to SEO manag

What position we’re looking for:

  • Food Journalist, Food Broadcaster/Presenter (Part-time & full-time across Asia countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan) – English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Social Network Producer (Long term basis, with basic of social network knowledge such as moderating a forum, and marketing the network to international circle, analytic thinker as well as planner, and a very important key role to the company in developing the growth of the team and business. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Film Producer with a basic skills of Final Cut Pro (FCP); movie editing, script writing for live and on location recording. Also must have skills in broadcast live in front of lens and able to travel. Must be a creative person, and as well a multi task holder for any task given, on time and able to commit dateline. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Forum Moderator able to moderate and create more attractive traffic to public and able to gather crowd of food lovers, recruit more users to share food information. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Brand Ambassadors are our food lovers whom subscribes in our community and becoming an active users sharing food information and getting paid in USD currency for highlight activities share in the network. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • University Internship open now to local Malaysian students and overseas universities searching to brighter up your skills in social media online company, eCommerce, and journalism, and related field in our network, we welcome you on board. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Recipe contributors, and Food writer fine tune food recipe in Asia, interview chef, write recipe and share in our community. As a contributors you share what you love to cook with your self recipe from home cook, to self chef experience from home to outside. As a food writer, work closely with our editor, producer and able to commit on the dateline basis. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.    
  • Business Development Executive, Sales Consultant  to ensure the growths of the business as the front-liners in giving out our service to our client. Ensure restaurants job listing, restaurants listing are always the first priority to our client. Taking care your client like our own family, update latest menu, food photos, food information in our directory. Make sure our client are happy with the advertising and services we provided. English or Mandarin or any languages preferred.
  • Social Network Entrepreneur? Thinking of developing your self extreme dream with #EATLAH? We provide a platform for young peoples to become the self web-producer, leading a group of food lovers in sharing food information in our network. If you think you can lead this role as a web-producer, take this challenge and make your dream come true. All you need to do is step in with your open minded energetic mind, and a basic of internet social media marketing and a self publisher account of Google Adsense or as a food blogger. Join us and build your dream come true.

We are a social network leading community that offers a strong career path either full time or partime as independent publisher, competitive salary and benefits to our full-time and part-time success applicant.

How to apply? 

To apply above position(s) please attach a covering letter explaining why you are right for the job, together with some clips or links that demonstrate your talents via Youtube private URL, your half shot fancy photo and a copy of your university CV/resume or latest CV/resume.

*Please also include writing samples and a list of two influences/directions that you think are currently shaping the hospitality (restaurants, dining services or online social networking in food relates topics). Sent all above information we need to