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Christmas in Manila Ocean Park

Christmas in Manila Ocean Park

Do you already feel the Christmas spirit fill the air? Are you ready with your plans for Christmas? Well, if you don’t feel the Christmas spirit yet, and you don’t have Christmas plans yet, come and  visit us in Manila Ocean Park and feel that Christmas is definitely just around the corner – from the smiles of the staff, to the music that can be heard and to the decorations in the vicinity.

This year’s theme for the Christmas is blue Christmas, and in order to make Christmas merrier and to make you feel the Christmas vibes, we have prepared a bunch of events for you.

First on the list is the Christmas tree lighting which will happen on November 18, 2016 at Manila Ocean Park’s Concourse. The lighting of the Christmas tree is something to look forward to because it will not be like the other usual Christmas tree lighting activities done in the past. First, the Christmas tree will be the tallest recycled Christmas tree. Second, this year’s Christmas tree lighting will involve the participation of one of our newest animals in Manila Ocean Park. Right now, the Christmas tree is still under construction. After putting some more decorations and polishing, the Christmas tree will soon be ready for public viewing.


Photos of the Christmas tree that is still under construction.

Another is the Christmas caroling. This caroling will make you feel that the angels fell from heaven to sing for you. Sing along and bring your family to watch and listen to the choirs and orchestras from December 25 to 27.

To participate and to know more about the events that we are preparing for you, like our official Facebook page at and watch out for our announcements. Merry Christmas and see you soon!

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Christmas in Manila Ocean Park
Source: Manilaoceanparkblog

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