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Classic Italian Fettuccine Alfredo

Classic Italian Fettuccine Alfredo
If you love Italian-style dishes as much as us, this Classic Italian Fettuccine Alfredo is going to be a go-to recipe in your home in no time flat. This simple-to-make and delightful-to-eat recipe should be a staple in all homes as far as we’re concerned. Whether you just want to learn how to make alfredo sauce, or you want to make the full recipe with fettuccine noodles and chicken, this recipe will serve as a key component in creating your wonderful meal. If you’re feeling like going all out, you might even consider making these amazing homemade breadsticks to sop up all that delicious leftover sauce on your plate (that is, if there is any!)

Classic Italian Fettuccine Alfredo
Source: Recipelion

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