Delicious Vegan Fudgy Bark

Delicious Vegan Fudgy Bark
“Heres a delicious vegan fudgy bark recipe thats paleo-friendly and requires no cooking at all. I used dark chocolate for the bark and I decided to draw a few hearts with some homemade white chocolate, but this step is optional. I also added two tablespoons of tahini because I like the bitterness it ads, but you can use another nut or seed butter of your choice. If you want your bark less soft and fudgy, you can add just one tablespoon of tahini. You can decorate with coconut, nuts, seeds and dried fruit of your choice. I used a 1610 cm (64 inches) plastic container to make the bark.”

Delicious Vegan Fudgy Bark
Source: Recipelion

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