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French Toast Rolls with Homemade Nutella

French Toast Rolls with Homemade Nutella
“Most of the time, I make Monte Cristo sandwiches to have with a glass of yogurt for breakfast. Usually they are loaded with mozzarella and ham or, if we both are into vegetables, I make a spinach and cheese combination. Yesterday, I made a nutty-chocolate paste at home, and it was, as always, just the beginning of the story. My son started testing the taste with a teaspoon, combining unbelievable combinations and ingredients. You should have seen the jars on the table just like the seasonal clear-out of the pantry. It seems these rolls will become our family favourite, as they are quickly done, and give my son numerous possibilities for mixing the colours of the most impossible ingredients to fit together. I am fond of these for a much simpler reason I love nutty chocolate and Nutella. and I love cinnamon. That’s about it. So, this week, I added more French Toast and hazelnuts to my shopping list. A new favourite discovered!”

French Toast Rolls with Homemade Nutella
Source: Recipelion

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