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Give the Gift Of Health with Nestle Omega Plus

Give the Gift Of Health with Nestle Omega Plus
Elana Khong

Oh dear… How time flies! Literally, we’re only two weeks away from Chinese New Year. How is your preparation coming along? Time to clean the house to get rid of all the bad luck and prepare foods for the New Year’s feast with loved ones.  Also not forgetting, it’s that time of the year to present gifts or hampers! Shopping for Chinese New Year gift can be tough with the many attractive hampers choices available. Have you found your perfect gift?

As for me, my gift pack usually contains traditional gift such as mandarin oranges (kam) which represent wealth, glutinous rice cakes(nian gao) which represent height and growth in career or studies and pineapple tarts(ong lai in Hokkien) which represent prosperity. This year, I am also including Nestle Omega Plus in my CNY hamper because it is the best gift for good heart health. Did you know, heart diseases are one of the top killers in Malaysia? Thus, it’s important to take good care of our heart health by eating healthy diets and regular exercise.

*Pic source from internet

Nestle Omega Plus milk is the only high calcium milk that contains ACTICOL plant sterols which are scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the bad cholesterol from entering the blood stream. Only two glasses of Nestle Omega Plus milk a day to fulfill 100% of your daily calcium needs. It also contains 1.2g of ACTICOL which helps to reduce cholesterol naturally and the right balance of Omega 3 & 6.

This Chinese New Year, give the gift of good heart health to help your loved ones kick-start their healthy lifestyle. As the saying goes, the greatest wealth is health. Let’s usher in the Year of the Rooster with a healthy heart! XOXO

Give the Gift Of Health with Nestle Omega Plus
Source: Elana Khong

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