Half day road trip to Kemaman

This is Bing’s first time visiting kemaman, together with my in laws and their family. A fruitful half day trip indeed.

We started the day visiting our favorite keropok lekor brand– Intan.

The ladies were making fresh keropok on the spot. Besides the conventional fish cake boiled in water, they also served crunchy fish crackers. Dipped in their special chilli sauce, it just tasted heavenly. Best eaten when hot and fresh.

One can also buy home frozen or vacuum packed fish cake, albeit I really think they don’t taste as good after being frozen.

Next stop was supposed to be Hai Peng Kopitiam. But all 3 branches were closed. So we went for brunch instead.

Finally found the Ah Yan kemaman fish noodles. It’s so good that they only serve one version of their noodles. Especially love their sambal which is so full of flavors with spicy chilli and sweet onion taste.

A trip to kemaman is not complete without Satar and Otak-otak. Warung kak nab is the place to be. We were the first customers of the day.

 We love eating here because their fish is fresh with little coconut, salt and MSG. The chilli is also not too overpowering. Complement these with a cup of cendol or ABC. So colorful! Great tropical treat.

After filling our tummy, we headed to Cherating turtle sanctuary. It’s a fine and sunny day. Baby Bing was so excited to watch the turtles. One of the turtles kept raising its head above the water, as if to welcome us. We also visited the turtle nesting area. With a small donation, one can also arrange releasing the baby turtles back into the ocean.

We had a fruitful weekend with our family. One does not have to spend much money for some quality time. Looking forward to the next outing!

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