How Not To Kena Tok – 5 Trusted Durian Sellers In Singapore

How Not To Kena Tok – 5 Trusted Durian Sellers In Singapore
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Years ago Geylang used to be dotted with durian stalls – just drive down the street and you probably wouldn’t know where to start if you were looking to curb your durian raving. With so many competition going on, we’ve heard horrid news and stories of people buying durians at a higher price than what they’re really worth. Despite the drop in harvest this season, you can still get lucky with any one of these stalls in this list that we’ve compiled. Whether you’re looking for high-end Mao Shan Wang or a foreigner looking at their first-time experience, these top 5 durian vendors that we’ve picked from around Singapore are the real deal and you can be sure you will only pay for what you get.

#1 Combat Durian

Photo courtesy of Combat Durian Facebook

This old-school durian stall right next to the Tua Pek Kong temple is a staple in Singapore’s durian industry. Mention its name and most would know. Run by durian veteran Mr Ang (seriously, this guy’s been selling durians for over 50 years), Combat Durian is the place to go for their signature Wang Zhong Wang (王中王) which had been made popular by Mr Ang himself. High-quality durians or just to get your regular durian craving fixed, Mr Ang would be thrilled to help you.

Combat Durian
249 Balestier Road
Singapore 329708


#2 Ministry of Durian

Photo courtesy of Ministry of Durian Facebook

Although relatively new, MOD has amassed a bunch of loyal customers ever since their opening. And other than the young and vibrant energy from their crew, we think a huge part of it has to do with their honesty. Melvin, the young entrepreneur who fronts MOD, has a surprising amount of experience and a whole lot of integrity to guarantee the durians he personally brings in from harvesting grounds are of the best (or close-to-best) quality.

Ministry of Durian
398 Upper Paya Lebar Road
#01-05 Prestige Point
Singapore 534986


#3 Leong Tee Durian

Photo courtesy of Leong Tee Durian Facebook

The friendly and smiley Uncle Leong is his own brand when it comes to durians. Scoring a whopping 4.8 on Facebook review, he’d earn kind and true words from his customers with an unwavering sense of loyalty. And most have mentioned that he will open another for you without charge if the former fails to deliver; that’s a durian seller we’d gladly give a thumbs-up.

Leong Tee Durian
264 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437051


#4 Durian Kaki

Photo courtesy of Durian Kaki Facebook

By the looks of its store, Durian Kaki does not fit the image of your typical durian vendors. If you’re looking to eat durians in comfort on top of being trustworthy, this shop in Yishun will make sure you get the best of both worlds. Plus, they are CONSTANTLY updating their prices on their social media platform.

Durian Kaki
18 Yishun Avenue 9
Junction 9, #01-83
Singapore 768897


#5 Ah Seng Durian

Photo courtesy of Ah Seng Durian Facebook

Reputed to be one of the most famous durian vendor on this sunny island, Ah Seng (English name: Steven) is super passionate about his durians and love elaborating the different range of durians to his customers so you always know what you’re having. Sometimes durians aren’t the only thing that matters.

Ah Seng Durian
20 Ghim Moh Road
Ghim Moh Market #01-119 – #01-122
Singapore 270020


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How Not To Kena Tok – 5 Trusted Durian Sellers In Singapore
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