Italian Yoghurt Pot Cake

Italian Yoghurt Pot Cake
“Italian yoghurt cake, or torta allo yogurt, or torta 7 vasetti. This cake is famously so easy that the French version (gteau au yaourt) is called the toddler cake. Its the first cake the French kids are taught to bake, at the age of 3 or thereabouts. I do hope they get to at least Ecole Elmentaire before they have a go at madeleines or macarons, otherwise Ill have serious confidence issues. The Italians dont bother teaching kids to bake they all have nonnas after all who know and can do better. Torta 7 vasetti, or torta allo yogurt, sounds grown up enough and doesnt mention toddlers. Its still dead easy.”

Italian Yoghurt Pot Cake
Source: Recipelion

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