KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic: Make Any Lipsticks Transfer-Proof!

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic: Make Any Lipsticks Transfer-Proof!
Becky Wong

Putting on lip colour is so important to prevent us from looking pale. BUT, we’ve all been through the awkward situations where our lip colours faded away or got transferred to our food, cups or even clothes. Despite the utmost importance of having lip colours, I do often find it very troublesome in having to constantly touch-up.

Ladies, if you are frustrated as me… KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic comes to the rescue!!

Lip Gel Magic is KOSÉ most powerful lipstick coating gel yet!

With one single swipe, this maximum-strength lipstick top coat gel helps:

1) protect lip colour from fading, even after drinking or eating
2) lock in the lip colour making it last longer
3) keep the lips moisturized

The gel comes in a small tube, which is very handy and convenient to be carried around.

It has a small tip, which is easier to control the amount of gel when squeezing it out.

The gel is semi-opaque and fragrance-free. You can apply it with any of your favourite lip colour!

How does the gel work?

a) Flourine Coating Powder (a unique colour migration prevention ingredient) creates a gel film over the surface of your lips, coating and preventing it to migrate onto other surface.

b) Super lasting ingredients latches onto the lip colour and holds it in place – No more smudging!

c) Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid keeps yous lips moisturized and kissably-soft.

Application of the gel is super easy!

Step 1: Apply your favourite lipstick.

Step 2: Shake the lip gel magic tube with the cap on. Make sure it turns into gel form and semi-transparent after shaking. My first attempt was a failure because I did not shake the tube enough, and it came out watery.

Step 3: Squeeze out a small amount of gel, roughly the size of rice, onto fingertip.

Step 4: Apply KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic evenly over your lips. Don’t forget the corner and inside of your lips.

I like how the gel dries up to a matte texture.

I did a small experiment with KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic, and the results are surprisingly good! It’s super transfer-proof and leaves almost no mark or stain!

Small tips:

a) Rubbing your lips together repeatedly or touching them your fingers may cause creasing.

b) Lipsticks such as liquid rogue may not produce the maximum transfer-proof results.

Overall, I really like the results of KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic in making the lip colours transfer-proof, while keeping the lips moisturized. On the other hand, it might not be too troublesome to apply both layers of lip colour and lip gel seperately, especially when you are in a hurry.

For more information, please visit their Website and Facebook.

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic: Make Any Lipsticks Transfer-Proof!
Source: Becky Wong

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