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Earned RM10 for each friend you refer via affiliate program to join EATLAH food social network, upgrade to premium membership food profile immediately. One more step to go for manual payment, please proceed with your yearly subscription payment methods to: Company Name : EL ECO SOLUTIONS AFFIN BANK:  EL ECO SOLUTIONS Current account: 106190000445 Amount: RM20 annually.

Once we’ve verify your account, you will see your account status change from Pending to Approved.


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What will you get for one year become part of our eCommerce business? Be your own boss and earn passive income.

Cash out eatSENSE: New Friendship: Earn $0.10 eatSENSE for each new friendship. Bloggers Post: Received $0.50 eatSENSE when your food blog post successfully published, can be dining experience, food recipes, homecook. Timeline wall sharing: Received $0.30 eatSENSE for sharing breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with CHECK IN location status. Total a day earn up to 0.90 eatSENSE (USD Dollar) Received $0.01 for comment on wall. Private Message to friend: Price of $0.30 for each pm Use referral link at your referral area tab and start invite, get RM10 when your friend sign up our premium membership food profile and if your friend add you as friend, you get additional eatSENSE in your wallet.

Minimum cash withdrawal for eatSENSE & Blogger Allowance: RM100, $100 eatSENSE.

Become independent be your own boss concept for only RM20 a year, you can anytime enjoy 60% commission for restaurant and food business listing referral, RM10 per affiliate membership sign up and 60% advertising commission whenever you introduce any business owners to within 365 days of your membership. Also, you can enjoy dining and food review invitation if your food profile remain active throughout the year.

Food review invitation by our members.

Hantar bukti proof of payment RM20 keep group whatsapp.

Ayat untuk affiliate: Contoh

Boleh share di Whatsapp.

Anda makan breakfast, lunch atau dinner? Anda pernah share gambar makanan atau semudah ayat *saya makan nasi lemak pagi ni* 🍨 Share di instagram? 🍛Facebook? Anda dapat satu sen RM/USD untuk setiap share?

Kalau anda ingat zaman *Friendster*? Kini, di [ ] 👉🏻copy paste affiliate URL disini.

#EATLAH and share setiap ayat semudah *Saya makan nasi ayam* pada tengah hari, anda dapat $0.30, *makan roti banggali* pada waktu pagi dapat lagi $0.30, makan nasi goreng kampung pada waktu petang anda dapat $0.30 eatSENSE (semua dalam mata wang USD dollar) cecah $100, boleh cash out mata wang USD me RM, dalam RM400+ ikut mata wang USD terkini.

🍨😀+😎add kawan kalau kawan anda approve, anda juga dapat duit $0.10.

Anda refer kawan join affiliate program, anda dapat *RM10*

Anda refer abang burger , warung makan, kedai satay, food truck utk iklan, post directory listing : Anda dapat 60% komisen.

Bagaimana caranya nak dapat semua ni?

1) REGISTER Food Profile sama ada daripada affiliate 2) Upgrade ke PREMIUM FOOD PROFILE RM20 setahun sahaja. Selepas payment sent, 3) Add kawan yang refer anda ke #eatlah sebagai kawan. 4) Activate affiliate anda dan mulakan perjalanan anda, makan, share dan get paid.

RM20 setahun PREMIUM FOOD PROFILE sahaja, anda bakal jana pendapatan pasif secara online.