Shinsen Fish Market – A Modern Seafood Market In Bangkok You Never Knew About

Shinsen Fish Market – A Modern Seafood Market In Bangkok You Never Knew About
Lady Iron Chef

Shinsen Fish Market

In the City of Smiles where cafes and restaurants are aplenty, a fish market exists too and you definitely need to know about it.

Shinsen Fish Market is a seafood haven in Bangkok, and it is a new addition to Bangkok’s ever-happening food scene. Just a few months shy of its first birthday, Shinsen Fish Market is supposedly inspired by and modelled after Taipei’s Addiction Aquatic Developments.

The modern fish market in Sukhumvit is a must-visit when you next visit Bangkok. Here’s everything to love about Shinsen Fish Market.

Live Seafood Shinsen Fish Market

Shinsen Fish Market Crab

Shinsen Fish Market Liquour

Live aquamarine and sea creatures in tanks, fresh Japanese fruits and vegetables, wine cellar and all sorts of Japanese choya & sake, hot food stations and sushi bars, some good steaks… these are but a few highlights of Shinsen Fish Market.

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Bangkok Shinsen Fish Market

Shinsen Fish Market Bangkok

The establishment seeks to provide seafood lovers one space where seafood-everything is congregated and you can find almost anything you need—live products, fresh produce, cooked dishes etc.

Sushi Counter Shinsen Fish Market

Shinsen Fish Market Sushi Bar

Shinsen Fish Market Saba

When at Shinsen Fish Market, you must have a taste of the freshest seafood. Grab a seat at one of the bar counters; they don’t differ much, and the menu revolves mainly around sushi, sashimi and cooked food. And what we’d highly recommend is the live seafood.

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Shinsen Fish Market Menu

Shinsen Fish Market Chirashi Don

Shinsen Fish Market Seafood Produce

Take your pick from the many tanks—crabs, lobsters, prawns, clams…

Tell the staff your desired size/ serving size, and they will catch the seafood from the respective tanks, have them weighed (prices go by weight) and ask you for your desired cooking method.

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Shinsen Fish Market King Crab

Of course, we couldn’t leave without having a Japanese crab. Zuwai crabs were the crab of the day when we went, and we had a 800g crab (approximately S$60) steamed fresh and cut up for us. If you are going in a big group, it only means seafood party for you.

Get yourselves some akagai (ark claim), lobster, awabi (abalone) and maybe a few more crabs; we promise it would be an unforgettable meal.

Shinsen Fish Market Exterior

Shinsen Fish Market
163/6 Soi Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 260 6522
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Shinsen Fish Market – A Modern Seafood Market In Bangkok You Never Knew About
Source: Lady Iron Chef

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