Strawberry Jelly, Marshmallow, Chips and Sorbet

Strawberry Jelly, Marshmallow, Chips and Sorbet
“Strawberry Jelly, Marshmallow, Chips and Sorbet – a delicious Spring time dessert dish that’s sure to tease your taste buds. Chef Joel Bickford is the Executive Chef at The Gantry Restaurant Bar located in Sydney, Australia. INGREDIENTS Vanilla cream 100ml pouring cream 10g icing sugar 1 vanilla pod, fresh Strawberry jelly 200g strawberries 100ml water 50g sugar 1 sheet gelatin leaf Strawberry marshmallow 125g sugar 1 gelatin leaf 50ml water 50g cooked strawberries from making jelly Buckwheat rocks 200g buckwheat 100g unsalted butter 100g icing sugar Strawberry chips 6 strawberries 5g icing sugar Strawberry sorbet 250g strawberries 25g blueberries 50g water 35g lemon juice 50g icing sugar 8g xanthan powder 8g super neutrose DIRECTIONS Vanilla cream Sieve icing sugar into cream, slice vanilla bean lengthways and scrape seeds into mixture. Whip to stiff peaks and refrigerate. Strawberry Jelly Bloom gelatin in ice water bath until soft. Add remaining to a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Using a fine strainer or cheesecloth, hang strawberry mixture until all the liquid has passed through, you should have a beautiful clear strawberry liquid, add gelatin leaf, once dissolved, set into a small container and refrigerate. Retain left over strawberries. Strawberry marshmallow Bloom gelatin in ice water bath until soft, in a small pot dissolve sugar in water on stove, once dissolved add along with strawberry mix and gelatin leaf into a kitchen mixer and whisk until thick and cool, a little pink food colouring can be added at this point to enhance the colour. Pour into a container and set. Buckwheat rocks Add buckwheat to boiling water and cook until tender (25 minutes), dehydrate for 48 hours, in a pot of oil fry until puffed. In a nonstick pan, over gentle heat melt butter and add buckwheat, coating all the grains Sieve icing sugar into the pan, whilst shaking the pan use the back of a wooden spoon to separate the grains, once they are all coated in the icing sugar place on a tray to cool. Strawberry chips Using a mandolin slice the strawberries as fine as you can lengthways and lay on the tray of a dehydrator, sprinkle with icing sugar and dehydrate at 50C for 2 days until crisp Strawberry sorbet In a pot bring to a simmer all ingredients except xanthum and nuetrose. Using a hand held blender, liquefy ingredients adding the stabilisers at the end. Freeze in paco jet container ready to churn. (You can also use ice cream machine to churn) If this is too complicated you can always buy some delicious sorbet from your local gelato store. Plating Place Buckwheat rocks on the bottom then your jelly and marshmallow to border the rocks, add a spoonful (quenelle) of cream and strawberry sorbet, top with some strawberry chips and oxalis.”

Strawberry Jelly, Marshmallow, Chips and Sorbet
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