Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili
“Ive been having a tug of war of sorts with chilies for a while now. My objective has been to establish the amount of – respectively – fresh, dried, green, red, large or small chilies that will create the degree of hotness I want. Their objective has been to either lay dormant and pretend they are sweet peppers, or burn me alive. A small battle was won with this vegetarian chili though. I managed to hit the right balance a nice kick but not gasping for water. The recipe is dead simple beside that, and a good weekday supper if you put in canned beans. Soaking and boiling is as much worth the bother as it gives you the right cookedness tinned beans might get mushy after half an hour in the company of tomatoes.”

Vegetarian Chili
Source: Recipelion

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