Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

($) Withdrawal Request

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Daily, monthly, or yearly active users with $100 eatSENSE / as minimum genuine milestones sharing foods you ate journey? With minimum 100 food followers and 100 friends added you as their friends, + a total of 5 stars rating and in total with 1000 viewed in on your Food Profile, also users must remain active and already activated your F.B.I account for past 6 months?

If you meet this requirements, cash out your rewards now!

Transfer your eatSENSE account balance into eWALLET and start to cash out using your eWALLET account. 

eWALLET account is a promotion account balance for users to keep and transfer the amount from USD currency (eatSENSE) while sharing daily food with

Terms and conditions apply.

Apply your cash withdrawal by completing form above & drop us your bank account number (bank name) or / PayPal / Western Union, or email & testimony of your experienced with #eatlah to

Basic requirements:

All withdrawal transaction only approve for completed verified food profile social media details update, with valid food profile photo, 5 star rating, activated F.B.I account within 30 days upon registration, and a minimum of 100 friends added you as friends and 100 followers with 1000 views. Account must remain active for past 6 months.

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