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Wonderful Home Spa Experience with bare bodycare range (Review)

Wonderful Home Spa Experience with bare bodycare range (Review)
Elana Khong

Heavy workloads and crazy deadlines, life has been pretty stressful recently. As soon as I get home, I am really looking forward to indulge myself with a good shower bath before retire for the night. Thanks to the bare body care range, I could relax myself and unwind with the best scent to indulge my senses plus re-energize my body.

With an abundance of nature goodness, the bare bodycare range uses pure natural ingredients and organic botanicals to create a sense of calm, stimulating the senses away from stress while cleanse and soothe. Wonderful scent and paraben-free the bare bodycare products are a treat to enjoy anytime of the day, transporting you to a luxurious escape found right within a classy spa.

The bare bodycare range is infused with essential oil, cleanses and soothes the body, leaving skin supple and rejuvenated after each bath. Not to mention, all the products also complimentary to one another, allowing you to mix and match to recreate your favourite spa experience in the comforts of your home.

The body wash does not produce a lot of lather hence rinsing off was a breeze, leaving my skin clean without drying. Absolutely love the wonderful lingering scent too.
In the morning, I uses Green Tea body wash, which helps to soften and brighten my skin. It also excites my senses and energizes my body ready to kick-start a brand new day!
While in the evening, I would mix Rosemary and Green Tea (one to one ratio) to relax my tired muscles (especially after an intense workout in the gym) and hydrates my skin.

I love to apply lotion right after my shower to help maintains my skin healthy barrier. bare bodycare range lotion is infused with essential oils, pure natural ingredients and organic botanicals to help soothe the skin.

Simply adore the velvety texture, the lotion is paraben-free, lightweight and absorbs easily, leaving my skin moisturised all day with the 24 hour moisture lock property yet doesn’t feel greasy at all.

My verdict : It was indeed a wonderful and luxurious home spa experience with bare bodycare range. The products help me to relieve stress and increase my self-confidence to show off some skin. :p Other than that, I also love the lingering scent plus a little of the products goes a long way, truly value for money.

We all deserved a nice pampering retreat to relax and recharge after a long day at work. Experience it today with bare bodycare range products in the comforts of your home.

Wonderful Home Spa Experience with bare bodycare range (Review)
Source: Elana Khong

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