Yummy and Healthy Snacks with Cubecrate September Mystery Box

Yummy and Healthy Snacks with Cubecrate September Mystery Box
Becky Wong
Hey there, lovely people! Hope all of you had a great weekend.

Past couple of weeks has been crazy for me, and now I finally have the time to share with you my September mystery box from CubeCrate Malaysia.

Oh yeah~~~~ I can see it is food theme again!

Homemade Kombucha from Scoby Farm. I’ve heard of kombucha multiple times and it’s benefits, but never tried one before.

I did some research and found out that kombucha is made from fermented green tea. So, how would a glass of fermented green tea taste like? It tasted like carbonated vinegar. I was a little taken aback at first sip, but I got used to the vinegar-like taste after a while.

Despite the vinegar-like taste, there are a few benefits of kombucha too:

– Improve digestion
– Weight loss
– Increase energy
– Cleansing and detoxification
– Immune support
– Reduced joint pain
– Cancer prevention

Green Tea Original Flavaours courtesy of OISHI Malaysia. For someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, this is definitely my cup of tea. 🙂

Lovely honey sticks from The Honey Hearts Cafe & Hive. These sticks are perfect if you need some honey on the go.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE snacks, especially when it is savoury! Sadly, most of the snacks are super duper unhealthy. But, with Amazin’ Graze, I can now snack guilt-free with their wholesome and freshly-baked granola and nuts! My favourite is the Rosemary Pepita Crisp.

After receiving months of mystery boxes from Cubecrate, they have never ceased to surprise me with the varieties of the products in it.

You can subscribe to Cubecrate from as low as RM35. To know more about Cubecrate and their updates, drop by their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Yummy and Healthy Snacks with Cubecrate September Mystery Box
Source: Becky Wong

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